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What is agrobserver?

A precision agriculture platform using artificial intelligence, satellite and terrestrial sensorization that provides farmers with a predictive tool and comprehensive assistance.

Why agrobserver?

Climate change is radically transforming the conditions and environment of traditional crops.

Deforestation, persistent droughts, and desertification pose a future challenge for Humanity.

Poor management based on wrong practices has had a catastrophic result in terrestrial and marine

This needs urgent responses.
Overexploitation and the lack of solutions to achieve sustainable agriculture require a shift in paradigm towards the digital transformation of the countryside.

The challenges presented by this situation make agrobserver a necessary and strategic tool.


What advantages does it bring?

Optimization of harvest management, which improves productivity, gains sustainability, and saves costs and natural resources.

Development of a free global network of techno-farmers, incorporating remote sensing services for European and world agriculture.

Automatic forecasting of weather, diseases, and pests.

Assistance to the farmer in decision-making tasks via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computerized Vision (CV).

Sustainable agriculture through the Internet of Things (IoT) 

Through agrobserver you will receive objective information about your farm, knowing at all times details such as the state of the soil and the stress of the plant.

An assistant will notify you of agricultural alerts so as not to ignore any detail and manage your harvest optimally without wasting resources.

agrobserver transforms digitally the agricultural industry

It facilitates detection of water stress, nutrients, pests and diseases.

It determines the optimal conditions for plant growth.

It assists in an intelligent way for a better management of the harvest, anticipating crises.

It allows you to know the status of each area of the farmland and its critical variables 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

An automated and intelligent environment

agrobserver uses the characteristic data of your farm and builds patterns and models that allow prediction of the critical variables that determine its success.

A set of proprietary algorithms based on Deep Learning, in combination with satellite remote sensing and field sensing, allows for reliable predictions.

No matter the size of your crop or your expertise, agrobserver includes a learning program with which you will quickly become an expert precision farmer.  

Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence

agrobserver captures data from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Sentinel satellite network, and analyzes it, creating patterns by crop and predictions of key harvest magnitudes.

In turn, it enables the deployment of its own network of terrestrial sensors that measure the different critical variables on the ground.

Data prediction based on time series

Thanks to the information received by satellite we establish personalized predictions for the ground you have marked for us.

The agrobserver predictive models use historical data series obtained from satellite sensors in order to elaborate precise forecasts about crops.

A global Community of farmers

A space specially designed to share experiences and knowledge among farmers from all over the planet.

An unbeatable opportunity to join the field of young farmers trained in new technologies.

A strategy to attract techno-farmers to currently unpopulated areas with great agricultural potential.

Spectral vegetation indexes

They sense stress in the plant, detecting any alteration in its photosynthetic activity caused by adverse health conditions.

Deep Learning makes it possible to model and interpret a complex data scenario, finding the ultimate causes of stress and seeking sustainable solutions.

The agricultural revolution has begun

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